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Aquasparkle Spa Clarity Cubes


Aquasparkle Spa Clarity Cubes are ideal for restoring water clarity & sparkle to your hot tub .

Aquasparkle gel cubes are designed to remove small particles from your filter and assist with the restoring of your hot tub back to sparkling clear water.
The gel cubes are designed to add clarity to your spa water when your tub is looking cloudy and tired looking.

Ideally used with a cartridge filter on most spas, hot tubs.

A build-up of cloudy water is caused by non-filterable waste particles that the filter does not pick up due to being too small.

The cube will solidify the fine particles together to help the filter trap them, the result is clear water in your hot tub.


  • A rapid-dissolving spa gel cube
  • Clears spa water fast
  • 4 x 30g Cubes in a pack
  • Contains 4 x 30g gel cubes in each pack


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