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Air Source Heat Pump – 5kw



The mini heat pump is suitable for all families that have a above ground pool. At the beginning of the swimming season, everyone is eager to jump into the pool and enjoy the good times with their families. Mini heat pump is light, easy to install and can be portable everywhere. With the exquisite appearance and perfect performance, it allows you to enjoy an excellent swimming season.

All prices include:

  • Delivery
  • Full Fitting
  • User Guidance
  • Follow up Support


  • Heating water up to 40°C
  • Easy for installation Plug & Play available
  • Super energy saving: pay 1kW get 4.5kW energy in return
  • Eco-friendly Gas R32


Air Source Heat Pump Enquiry



Unit Weight 34 kg
Depth 484 mm
Width 445 mm
Height 503 mm
Connection IN 32 mm
Connection OUT 38 mm
Advised Pool Volume <28 
Max input current 6.5 A
Advised Pool Volume <28 
Operating Air temperature 10~43 °c
Performance Conditions Air 26°c – Water 26°c – Humidity 80%
Heating Capacity 5,8 kw
COP 6,5
Heating Capacity 3,8 kw
COP 4,5
Sound pressure at 1m 57 dB(A)
Sound pressure at 10m 37 dB(A)
Exchanger Material Titanium
Casing Material Metal
Power Supply 230V/1PH/50Hz
Rated input power at air 15°C 0.84 kw
Rated input current at air 15°C 3.65 A
Advised water flux 2-3 m³/h
Max input current 6.5 A
Circuit Breaker 8,0 A
Power cord 3 x 1.5 mm²
Power Supply 230V/1PH/50Hz kw


Save on energy bills with an Air Source Heat Pumps

With energy bills increasing there has never been a better time to invest in an Air Source Heat Pump; the efficient way of heating your hot tub. They can be used all year round giving great savings on energy bills.

Air source heat pumps are an energy-efficient and economical way of heating your hot tub or swim spa. They have already proved to be beneficial for heating homes, commercial spaces or swimming pools and now they have become increasingly popular for hot tubs.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps heat up the water by extracting natural heat from the outside air. The heat pump fan draws in the air and directs it over the evaporator coil which contains an advanced liquid refrigerant. The air turns into a gas which is then compressed to increase the heat. This hot gas passes through the heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the hot gas to water and heats it up.

How do I order an Air Source Heat Pump?

You can either purchase an Air Source Heat Pump on the Midlands Hot Tubs website or alternatively contact our Customer Service Team to buy the Air Source Heat Pump and we will arrange to install it for you too.

How do I get the Air Source Heat Pump installed? 

Our Midlands Hot Tubs team can install the Air Source Heat Pump for you.  This will take c.4-5 hours.

You can book an Air Source Heat Pump install in one of three ways:


The above prices apply to the listed service when the location is within a 50 mile radius from B78 3HP.  Outside this area additional mileage fees may applyAdditional mileage fees at £2.10 per mile.


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