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Helka Barrel Sauna 210

2100mm x 2400mm x 2250mm

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  • Helka Barrel Sauna 210

    Enjoy the highest level of comfort hand in hand with a compact design with our Barrel Sauna. This 4 person sauna is perfect for families. Create your own spa sanctuary with Hekla Saunas.

  • Four person sauna
  • Narvi NS900 heater // Narvi wood burner
  • Classic Baltic Barrel shape
  • Constructed from natural materials in a sustainable way
  • Dimensions 2100 × 2400 × 2250 mm

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Product: Helka Barrel Sauna 210

Is the Helka Barrel Sauna 210 for you?

Enjoy the highest level of comfort hand in hand with a compact design with our Barrel Sauna. This 4 person sauna is perfect for families. Create your own spa sanctuary with Hekla Saunas.

Seating for up to 4 adults


Additional Features

Build Quality

Our saunas have been inspired by nature using Baltic sauna traditions. They have been built with natural materials in a sustainable way.

Each of our saunas have been designed to improve wellness, encourage relaxation, spend quality time with loved ones and lead happier, healthier and more tranquil lives.

Enjoy the highest level of comfort hand in hand with a compact design.

Experience a traditional barrel sauna experience where between your sauna rounds you enjoy a drink in your barrel sauna terrace with two exterior benches. Create your own spa sanctuary.


Why is a Barrel Sauna so effective?

A barrel sauna is effective due to a number of factors including:

Heats quickly

With less unused space (imagine a circle inside a square), the barrel design lets the heater do its job faster and more efficiently.

Distributes heat

In a square sauna, the heat gets trapped at the ceiling. In a barrel sauna, the heat is pushed back down the curved sides and into the sauna as new heat rises from the heater.

Heating your Sauna

There are two options for heating for each sauna including an electric heater and a wood burning stove. We recommend using Narvi for both heating options. All Narvi products are Key flag products, meaning they are designed and made in Finland.

Wood burning stove

The Narvi NC 16 wood burning stove is distinguished by its simple and timeless design. The large volume of the stones and the durable construction ensure an aesthetically pleasing design. Despite its impressive size, the stove does not need a lot of firewood to heat up.

The fire chamber has a novel form that ensures a more efficient and cleaner combustion. The fire chamber was designed to be environmentally friendly and even to make sure that the stove complies compulsory CE marking requirements.

The stove casing is painted in black and it has a matching cast iron glass door also in black,

a black frontal panel of the ash box and a steel frame around the stones section. The stove has adjustable feet for effortless and proper installation. The stove comes with a pipe for rear connection to the chimney. The chimney connection can also be implemented from the top of the stove but for this you will need a separate connection pipe.

Electric heater option

We recommend a choice of two electric heater options from Narvi:

Narvi NS900 heater

This is an electrical sauna heater and has been designed for easy usage and durability. The sauna heater has been manufactured with high quality materials. It is available in black.

The diameter of a heating element of electrical heaters made by NARVI is exceptionally big (8.5 mm). This extends the lifetime usage of a heating element and significantly reduces the risk of overheating.

Narvi Smooth heater

The large Narvi Smooth is a completely new electrical tower heater by Narvi. The stylish design, easy installation and the soft “löyly” (the name for the evaporating hot steam that rises from the stove after water has been carefully thrown on top of them) makes this an excellent choice.

The great stone capacity provides a pleasant sauna experience and it can be installed in the corner to save space.

Technically the Smooth is slightly different from other Narvi models as it is easier to place and change the sauna stones. Narvi Smooth comes with an external control unit which is easy to use.

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All saunas are supply only and no installation or warranty labour will be included. We supply replacement parts under warranty should we receive sufficient evidence that the parts are defective or incorrect.