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Granular Shock


Use to shock water on a regular basis in your hot tub for optimal spa care and maintenance


1. Once a fortnight, or more frequently in hot weather, the pool water should be Shock treated by the addition of Granular Shock Chlorine.

2. Adjust the pH to 7.2, whilst using a pH adjuster.

3. Add 110g of Granular Shock per 10m(3) of pool water, before pre-dissolving it in a plastic bucket of lukewarm water following the instructions below. If water quality is really poor, double the dose rate.

4. Slowly pour the dissolved solution above the pool return inlets. ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD THIS PRODUCT BE MIXED WITH OTHER CHLORINE IN USE OR ADDED TO THE POOL THROUGH FEEDER/SKIMMER CONTAINING TABLETS OR OTHER CHLORINE DONORS. Also apply this product if the pool has been neglected or algal growth has appeared on the floor or walls of the pool, or there has been an exceptional high bather load.

5. Leave the pool filtration running continuously until problem has been resolved.


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