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What is a Midlands Hot Tub Maintenance Contract?

We recognise that you want your hot tub ready to use when you want to use it throughout the year. A Midlands Hot Tub Maintenance Contract spreads the cost over a full 12 months to help you avoid any ‘One-off’ hefty bills.

Prior to a contract being signed, we will arrange a FREE, no obligation site survey to verify that your hot tub is in a suitable condition to be able to offer a Maintenance Contract. We will advise you of the most appropriate standard of cover to suit the present use of your hot tub and how best to proceed should there be any repairs or new parts needed prior to acceptance on the scheme. A Maintenance Contract will not only keep your hot tub in peak condition but will also help us to efficiently plan your maintenance and service throughout the year, keeping overall costs down. To book your FREE, no obligation site survey or for further information





Platinum Plus

Platinum Premier

£14.99   £24.99   £34.99   £49.99   £59.99  £84.99  
Callout Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   x  Unlimited  
Labour Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   x  Unlimited  
Mileage Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   x  Unlimited  
Chemicals Discount 5%   10%   10%   20%   20%  20%  
Filters Discount 5%   10%   10%   20%   20%  Free Set  
Accessories Discount 5%   10%   10%   20%   20%  20%  
Covers Discount 5%   10%   10%   10%   10%  10%  
Parts Discount x   50%   100%   100%   x  100%  
Jets Discount x   10%   20%   25%   x  25%  
Headrest Discount x   10%   20%   25%   x  25%  
Full Servicing Discount 10%   10%   10%   1 Free   1 Free  1 Free  
Easy Fresh x   x   x   x   3  3